The Last Laugh! Just a Peanut Matter!! is the third and final bonus episode of Elite Beat Agents. The song played during this episode is "Survivor" by Destiny's Child and performed by April Harmony in game.


This story focuses on Jake Irons. Jake Irons is a Salesman for "Sarcastic Nuts & Nuts", a brand of peanut that everyone but Jake find rather disgusting. Jake is tormented by his friend and co-worker, Danny, who makes fun of how Jake never smiles or laughs and jokes that if he did, it would be scary. Danny laughs and hits a raw nerve as Jake hates giggling. It cuts to Jake at a burger place where he overhears on the news of a Zombie Outbreak caused by a virus that is transmitted by kisses. The news anchor is attacked and starts giggling, before he is turned into a zombie as well, showing the zombies giggle and are purple with yellow polka dots all over them. The giggling the disease causes angers Jake before he hears giggling from behind. When he looks behind, he finds himself surrounded by giggling zombies, causing him to yell for help.


  • Jake Irons, age 36 (Nuts & Nuts Salesman)
  • Danny
  • Giggling Zombies
  • A Fungus Monster
  • Ken Ozu, briefly