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Survive! Celebrity Lives and Desert Isles!! is the tenth episode in Elite Beat Agents. The song played in this level is "Material Girl" by Madonna, performed by Melissa Garber in game.


This story follows Norma and Isabella Carrington. The celebrity sisters attend a party on a cruise ship where the two are asked out by many of the male attendies, rejecting each one as they become the center of attention as many celebrities do before the ship suddenly crashes into something and shipwrecks. The two sisters awake to find themselves washed up on a deserted island with no clue where there were. At first they find this situation bad as their celebrity lifestyle makes them worry about little things before realizing this was their chance to get lost before smiling and crying out for help.


In the first scene, the girls need to make fire. If doing greatly, a raccoon will fan the flames and create massive blasts of fire. If doing ok, the raccoon will from some fire, but not enough to warm the girls. If the scene is successful, they'll attract a horde of raccoons to wrap around them.

In the second scene, the girls search for food. If doing great, they'll be joined by a lion and gorilla with their original raccoon and would find a bounty of food. If doing ok, the girls look hungry and wander alone in the jungle. If the scene is successful, they'll charm the creatures into providing a lavish meal for them.

In the third scene, the girls need shelter from the heat. If doing great, the girls will watch as various animals build their hut. If doing ok, they'll be asleep and the animals will just mess around. If successful, the girls will encourage the animals to build a spa in which they soak in.

In the final scene, the girls need heat again. The same applies to before when it comes to state. However, if the scene is successful, they'll attract a rescue plane and leave the island (and the heartbroken beasts).

In the best ending, the girls arrive back to a horde of men happy to see them and announce they had great fun taming all the wild animals (whom they brought back with them). If the entire song is failed, the girls will be seen on the beach near a badly made SOS, either completely ruined by the failed survival or perhaps even dead from starvation.


  • Norma Carrington, age 24 (Celebrity)
  • Isabella Carrington, age 24 (Celebrity)
  • Colonel Bob
  • Several male party attendents
  • Various animals on the island