Magic Meets Madness! The Show Must Go On! is the fifth episode in Elite Beat Agents. The stage song is "Rock This Town", originally by Stray Cats, and covered in-game by Mark Latham.


Novice magician Thomas Petree is gambling at a casino in Las Vegas, but ends up blowing all his money on a slot machine. His assistant Angela punches him for using up what was last month's paycheck, but Thomas reassures her that the show they'll be putting on at the casino will be a success. The owner shows up and shakily tells them the show has been cancelled and he can't pay them because the casino has been taken over by the "Fullhouse Bandits". While Angela is concerned about not getting paid, Thomas says they should be worried about themselves and cries for help.


  • Thomas Petree, age 36
  • Angela, age 22
  • The Fullhouse Bandits
  • Casino owner

Guest CharactersEdit

  • Max