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Junior is a recurring character in the Osu! Tatake! Ouendan games and Elite Beat Agents, and one of the few characters to appear in all three games. He is usually depicted as a "perfect man" who is the object of some female character's affections.


He has brown (or sometimes reddish-brown) hair, and always wears a suit and matching slacks. The suit is dark blue-grey with a yellow shirt and orange tie underneath in the two Ouendan games, and in Elite Beat Agents it is a white suit and shirt with a grey tie, and he also wears white gloves.

Role In The Games[]

Osu! Tatake! Ouendan![]

In the first Ouendan game, he appears in the "Koi No Dance Site" episode. He is the soon-to-be president of the company where Sachiko Yamagata, the episode's main character, is employed, and is admired by several of the office ladies who work there, including Sachiko. If the player does well, he will compliment Sachiko during each cutscene, and the good ending shows the two of them dancing together at the company's 100-year anniversary party.

Elite Beat Agents[]

He appears in the "Makes No Difference" episode as the actor in Chris Silverscreen's movie Romancing Meowzilla. If the player does well, Junior will recite all his lines and play his role perfectly, but if they do not he will end up in some sticky (but humorous) situations. For some reason he does not appear with Chris and the lead actress at the movie's premiere.

Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2[]

In the second Ouendan game, he appears in the "Bang! Bang! Vacances!" episode as a character in Christine Kamogawa's romance novel. He is the first man to win the main character's heart and if the player does well the two of them will dance together, but if you mess up he will wildly swing her around instead. He is quickly forgotten when the gentleman thief shows up, but shows up in the last scene to fight for her love against both the thief and the knight. (Though she ultimately appears to end up with a fourth man.)