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Leader and six-star commander of the EBA. His background remains a mystery.
- Elite Beat Agents instruction manual

Commander Kahn is the leader of the Elite Beat Agents.


He is an older man with grey hair who wears aviator shades and a green military uniform with a black tie.


Shortly after someone cries for help, their information is displayed on the monitor in Commander Kahn's office and he immediately sends either the Agents or Divas off with a shout of "Agents are...GO!" (even for the Divas). Kahn is also the one who teaches the player how the game works in the tutorial.

He normally appears to be a stern individual who is all business, but is unexpectedly humorous during the sendoffs for the "Material Girl" and "Survivor" episodes.

Once the player reaches Hard Rock mode, a character called Mr. X will be unlocked for multiplayer; he is basically Kahn wearing a giant cat head mask. The actual Commander Kahn replaces this character after every song on every difficulty is completed and can also be used in the main game, with Missy and Foxx as his backup dancers.