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Batter Up! Home Run Hero Makes a Comeback!! is the fourteenth episode in Elite Beat Agents. The song featured in the episode is "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte, performed in game by Kevin Ridel.


The story follows Hulk Bryman. Hulk Bryman was a super star Major League Baseball player who was nicknamed "The King" due to his tendancy to hit homeruns. Then, during a period of poor performances and excuse making, he is dropped to Minor League and disgraced, forcing him into retirement. He becomes a janitor for an amusement park when one day he is recognized by a child, claiming he was Hulk. Bryman denies this claim and sheds a tear before hearing the kid shout for help, seeing that he was captured by a large volcano-like golem. The kid calls out for Hulk's assistance, Hulk suddenly recognizing him as the kid who came to his games and asked for another homerun, and told "You bet, Kid!!" Knowing he had to do something he tears off his janitorial clothes to reveal his baseball uniform and yells for help.


  • Hulk Bryman, age 28 (Major League Home-Run Hitter)
  • The Lava Golem
  • The Kid