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Aspire! Dancing to the Limelight!! is the first bonus episode of the game Elite Beat Agents. The song playing during this episode is "Believe" by Cher, performed by Lynn Rose in game.


This story follows Amanda Straw. Amanda Straw is a woman who lives in the city and dreams of being a famous dancer one day, day dreaming during work as a waitress, her boss claiming she is no dancer and that the next time she day dreams during work, she'll be fired. On her way home, she recieves a call from Tex, who wants her to come home because he doesn't think she could be a famous dancer either. She claims that she's been trying, but Tex thinks she's tried too long and that she doesn't have what it takes. When she comes home, she finds that due to her not paying rent, she was given an eviction notice. Under all the stress given by her boss, Tex, and the fact she was now homeless, she screams out for help.


  • Amanda Straw, age 26 (Dancer... In her dreams...)
  • Tex
  • Amanda's Boss
  • Sam, briefly