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Art and Beauty! Love and Happiness!? is the fourth episode in Elite Beat Agents. The stage song is "I Was Born To Love You", originally by Freddie Mercury/Queen, and covered in-game by Paul Vician.


In 15th century Florence, Leonardo Da Vinci (known as "Leo") is painting portraits of people, but is unsatisfied with his work, wanting to know what "true" art and beauty are. He sees Mona Lisa passing by and immediately becomes infatuated with her. However, she refuses to let him paint her, but Leo is unfazed, continuing to make sketches of her until she finally punches him in anger. The shocked Leo cries for help soon afterwards.


  • Leonardo Da Vinci ("Leo"), age 27
  • Mona Lisa


  • While the good ending of this stage has Leo and Mona Lisa getting married, the real-life Mona Lisa - Lisa del Giocondo - was married to another man and never had any sort of romantic relationship with Da Vinci.