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An expert in many styles of dance ranging from hip-hop to ballet, J can mesmerize any living thing.
- Elite Beat Agents instruction manual

Agent J (BA-2) is a member and primary representative of the Elite Beat Agents.

Agent J is the lead dancer for Crusin', or Medium mode. He is well known for his flamboyant hairstyle; a rather large, swirly, strawberry-blonde pompadour styled to the left and fanned-out, J-shaped sideburns. He also has orange and black two-tones shades to match his hair.


Elite Beat Agents: Leader on Cruisin' difficulty.

Ouendan 2: Replaces Ryuta Ippongi on Kakan ni Ouen in EBA Mode. Also a playable character in Multiplayer mode (fills the empty slot on the Yuuhi Town character sheet) when EBA Mode is downloaded.

[Super Smash Brothers Brawl]: EBA trophy, J sticker.

osu!: Mascot of osu! (Agent J)